WALT ...

• realise the importance of delivering the skills of public speaking to enable us to speak clearly and confidently in a range of situations
• talk coherently with formal and informal, large and small group situations
• write and deliver a formal speech that shares information in a clear and organised way and that generates audience interest
• deliver a speech using voice modulation, eye contact, a relaxed stance, body gestures, vocal interest and use of pause
• identify the main features of formal speech
• practise speaking in an impromptu situation using a variety of structures to compose an impromptu speech

TASK: write and deliver a three minute formal speech

SUCCESS CRITERIA: (as per judging criteria)

Timeline: 2014

Week 1

• Choose topic - begin brainstorming / planning / researching

Week 2 / 3

• Students write speech

Week 4

• Class speeches delivered and judged (2 / 3 chosen for syndicate finals)
• 2 impromptu speeches chosen for syndicate finals

Week 5

• Syndicate speech finals are Tuesday Block 1
• Friday 17th August Year 8 speech finals block 3


What does a good introduction need ...

An example ...

What does a conclusion need ...

An inspiring speech by a 12 year old !


• Why is this such a wonderful speech?

Speech Winners at Somerville Int

Joshua on Star Trek

Keshni on Body Image