Use these synonym charts to help develop your choice of language when writing ...

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WALT: write a narrative

SUCCESS CRITERIA: our narrative will ...

• demonstrate correct structure (orientation, complication, series of events, resolution)
• use a variety of descriptive language for effect
• maintain correct tense throughout ( third person)
• demonstrate correct use of writing conventions (spelling, grammar, punctuation etc)

A tall tale is a story that stretches the truth. Read the tall tale below. Then finish the story.

Porter Pig's Problem

Porter Pig was a very famous pig on farms all across the world. Not only could he lift a barn above his head, but he also had the best snout that anyone had ever seen. Porter Pig was the the best at sniffing out trouble. He could smell trouble from fifty miles away. Whenever Porter Pig found trouble, he was always able to fix the problem and make everything okay. Farmers all over the world asked to see Porter Pig, hoping they would be able to use his strength and snout to make their farm peaceful.

One day, on a farm to the south, Porter Pig was sniffing for trouble when he smelled the worst smell he could ever imagine. Porter Pig rushed over to the barn where the smell was very strong. He lifted up the huge barn above his head, and there it was staring right into his eyes. Porter Pig had never seen anything like this before.

Predict what will happen next. Finish this tall tale on a separate sheet of paper. Be sure to write about who Porter Pig had seen and how he fixed the problem.

For our next literacy unit, we will be focussing on descriptive writing.

The learning intentions for this unit are ... (WALT)

• construct texts that show an awareness of purpose and audience through deliberate choice of content, language and text form.
• organise and sequence ideas and information for particular purpose of effect.
• use a range of language features that engage the audience and convey meaning

We will be using the mysteries of Harris Burdick for our motivation. Who was Harris Burdick? See below.

This collection of pictures is part of the intriguing mystery of a real man named Harris Burdick. A book editor was visited by a man named Harris Burdick who wanted to pitch his book ideas for the children's picture books that he had written and illustrated. He brought with him one picture from each book with a title and a caption . The editor was very interested in the man's work and asked him to come back the next day and bring his entire works. He agreed and left his drawings with the editor. The man never came back and was never heard from again.

Although the editor tried to track Harris Burdick down, he could not find any trace that the man had ever existed. That mystery remains unsolved to this day. The only thing that remains of the man Harris Burdick are the titles and drawings that he left behind.