WALT: write an informal postcard (letter).

SUCCESS CRITERIA: our informal postcard (letter) will ...

• demonstrate correct format and structure
• include at least 3 facts about various locations
• use an appropriate introduction and conclusion
• demonstrate correct use of writing conventions (spelling, grammar, punctuation etc)

• include address of recipient
• include stamp relevant to your chosen country
• include an appropriate image that represents a tourist attraction

TASK: To create a postcard.

• Choose a country and a city that you have or would like to visit. Select three popular tourist attractions within that country or city. This will require you to research your chosen

• Use the street view layer on google earth to tour your chosen locations. Take note of what the weather was like at each location, and then use wikipedia to find out some interesting facts about your chosen locations. Record your research information on the sheet provided. Glue this into your draft book.

• Using your information, draft a letter (postcard) to a friend back in New Zealand telling them of your visit to your chosen country and city.

• Self check and have a friend proof read and edit your draft writing.

• Conference with teacher.

• Publish your letter using the postcard option in pages. There is a template in Room 30 folder on server.
Drag to your desktop and rename it with YOUR name.

• Locate an appropriate image of a tourist attraction to include in your postcard.

• Locate an appropriate stamp of your chosen country to include in your postcard.

• Save your postcard onto the school server in your folder under Room 30 2013